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Hailey Miller is an aspiring designer who always has had a love for art since her early childhood.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Nevada, Reno in May 2022, and is currently working towards an

AA Degree in Motion Graphics at TMCC.​

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surf of the sea

Surf of the Sea is part of a freelance illustration series for the newly-released book, Swordfish Bible Study: James.

The inspiration for this drawing came from the Bible verse, James 1:6 which states

"But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind."

The original concept was for the waves to be drawn in an antique and

monochrome art style, but after experimenting with different art brushes digitally, both my client and I became fascinated with the idea of a colored sea in a realistic, yet futuristic art style.

new york times spread

New York Times Spread was an exercise I did for one of my past typography classes, where we had to pick an article from the New York  Times that we found interesting. 


I was quite interested in psychology and mental health in general since this was during the height of the pandemic, so I chose an article about student suicides.

I chose a dark color palette of black and red to emphasize the dark nature and content in the article, along with images with dark themes metaphorically representing the concept of suicidal ideation.


maplestory ad campaign

Maplestory Ad Campaign was a project I did in a previous graphic design class where we had to do an ad campaign but instead of promoting a product, we had to promote against it. I chose to promote against Maplestory's predatory game mechanics and highlight how addictive it truly is.

I took inspiration from Maplestory's official branding designs to find a copycat typeface and color palettes that Nexon would normally use in their advertisements. I made the illustrations with the help of a Maplestory character generator.

just mask it

Just Mask it is a personal poster design concept I made for a skincare brand. I got the project idea using a graphic design project idea randomizer. The motto for the company was "Just Mask It." and the project concept was to make a poster of a skincare brand.

rings of despair

Rings of Despair was an project I did for one of my past typography classes, where had to create our own font, and make an art piece out of it.

The video game, Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, was the main inspiration for the art piece, and it is of Celestia Ludenberg.


Sweethub was a branding project I did for a past visual communications class. We had to write a 500-word description on who our audience was, design our own logo and graphics, and put our made-up brand on a theoretical food truck. 

motion graphics

photo editing

Hailey has photography skills in addition to her graphic design and art skills. The camera she uses for her photography work is a Nikon D3500. 

Below are examples of how she is able to take an objectively mediocre photo and give it color and life through photo retoucing.

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